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Film packages for your wedding day


Choose one of three different packages, ranging from a basic highlight video to a full-length documentary-style recording of the ceremony and reception, or both. Then select add-ons like extra Blu-Ray discs, digital copies, or an archive hard drive with all your footage. When you’ve decided, or if you have questions, contact us and let us know how we can help make your wedding video special.

base price

Up to 6 Hours of Coverage

1 Videographer

2-3 Cameras

Ceremony & Reception

Highlight Video

Professional Editing

Digital Copy of Video

30 Day Delivery*

base price

Up to 6 Hours of Coverage

2 Videographers

2-3 Cameras

Ceremony & Reception

Full Length Video

Professional Editing

Digital Copy of Video

60 Day Delivery*

base price

Up to 8 Hours of Coverage

2 Videographers

2-3 Cameras

Ceremony & Reception

Highlight + Full Length Video

Professional Editing

Digital Copy of Video

90 Day Delivery*

*Estimated. Actual time to delivery may vary and will be specified in signed client contract.

Our Process

Your wedding is incredibly important to us. We’re not in this to make a quick buck. We want to make sure your story is shot beautifully and that we don’t miss a moment; we only have one chance to get it right. Our hope is that years from now you’ll look back at your wedding video and find joy in the memories we captured.

Help us get to know you. We’ll talk about music and movies, how you both met and fell in love. We’ll go over your wedding day and walk you through customizing your wedding package to suit your needs. Each package starts at a base price and goes up as you add features, like aerial drone footage, extra hours, or videographers. Combine packages together and save up to $400. After you sign a client contract and pay your deposit, we’ll get to work prepping for your wedding! We’ll attend the rehearsal or come early to the ceremony to plan our shots and meet with the photographers shooting your wedding.

Our videographers will get the best footage we can while keeping a low profile. We may set up a tripods or a camera or two, but we’ll do our best to keep our people and equipment to a minimum when we can. We will provide small, unobtrusive lavalier microphones for the officiate and groom to wear during the ceremony. We’ll work as professionals alongside your photographer and DJ. We believe in being courteous and respectful when working with all of your guests and hired personnel, but we work as the exclusive videographers of your wedding. It’s okay for guests to film as long as they do not interfere with our professional coverage. You can expect us to film from the beginning of the ceremony to the end of the reception.

All our footage will be immediately backed up to multiple hard drives to keep your memories safe. Editing your video only begins once final balance is paid in full. Our videos are edited using the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of professional editing software. Many videographers use music illegally. Our custom music soundtracking is done using the Music Bed or similar legal music licensing platforms. Exact delivery date of your wedding video is specified in the contract but typically falls 4-8 weeks after the wedding. Your video will be packaged and arrive via delivery by UPS or similar.


Highlight Video – Usually 5-10 minutes in length. Contains video clips of your wedding day along with recorded audio and licensed music tracks. A short summary of your wedding day that is the perfect length for sharing on social media and with friends and family.

Full Length Video – A lightly edited video of the entire wedding ceremony and several parts of the reception, such as the first dance, toasts, speeches, bouquet toss, etc. Meant to be a complete record of your wedding day, this video varies in total runtime between 30-60 minutes.

In our experience, 6 hours of coverage is perfect for most weddings. Our highlight and documentary packages include up to 6 hours of coverage. Our feature package includes up to 8 hours of coverage. We are happy to stay for longer, but please ask in advance. Extra hours start at $150 per hour.

That depends on the package. The highlight package includes 1 videographer and 2-3 cameras during the ceremony and 1-2 cameras during the reception. This allows us to be quick on our feet and get the great shots you want while keeping a low footprint. The documentary and feature packages include 2 videographers and 2-3 cameras during the ceremony and reception.

More videographers and cameras can make a big difference to the end product. If you ever feel like you need another videographer, we can do that. Additional videographers start at $300.

Every wedding is unique but some of our frequently used equipment consists of high-end DSLR style cameras, professional lenses, tripods, microphones, audio recorders, a small spotlight or two, and various carrying cases. We rent equipment when necessary and only from reputable companies with a long history of on-time fulfillment. Our favorite camera brands are Sony (the a7SII and a7RII) and Canon (Canon 5dMkIII or similar) and our favorite lenses are the Canon L Series and Sony Zeiss lenses.

You can include add-ons like Blu-Rays ($25 each), Flash Drives ($50 each), and Archive Drives ($200) anytime before your wedding and order them a-la-carte up to 4 weeks after your video is delivered. A small shipping fee will be added, calculated by weight, and your items will be delivered via USPS within 2 weeks of ordering.

Extra hours, additional videographers, and aerial videography must be requested at least four weeks in advance of wedding date, but please try to let us know much sooner than that so we can make sure we can accommodate the request. If we can’t guarantee extra hours, videographers, or equipment, the charge won’t end up on your bill.

We retain the right to creative aspects such as shooting style, editing style, and music selection. We strive to find the music that fits the moment perfectly, not fit moments to specific music. Of course we care about the kind of music and songs you like to listen to; we use that information to get an idea of what styles and genres of music would be appropriate to represent you and your wedding. What many couples don’t realize is that to legally use music as part of your highlight film we are required to license it through a reputable service such as the MusicBed. These licenses aren’t free, and popular songs are usually much more expensive to license than others. Often the most popular song doesn’t fit your highlight video as well as another!

That being said, we take your suggestions seriously. If the music fits the moment and the license is fairly priced, we will consider using it. Ultimately, we ask that you please respect our right to have the final say in selecting music for your video.


Don’t forget these must-have additions to any wedding package.

Blu-ray Disc – $50

A Blu-ray disc containing your wedding films. Makes a great gift for family members.**


Flash drive engraved with your initials and wedding date. Contains digital copies of your wedding films.**

Archive Drive – $200

A mirror image of all our raw video from your wedding day on a portable hard drive for you to keep. **


Covers up to two videographers for an additional hour. Please ask in advance.


Add another videographer to your package. A must-have for large venues or fast-paced weddings.

Aerial Videography

Coming soon. See a different perspective with video from an aerial video drone.

** Terms of Use will apply for all provided and purchased video content.