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Over 10 years of experience in video production and content creation.
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My name is Matt Deras. I am a professional videographer based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have 10 years of experience behind the camera, including filming, editing, scriptwriting, sound, lighting, etc. I’ve made promotional videos, highlight reels, commercials, short films, interviews, and more. Contact me if you’re interested in working together.

per hour

Up to 4K Video

+ Rental Equipment Fees

Dropbox File Delivery

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+ Media Licensing Fees

Large Music Library

Dropbox File Delivery

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Event Photography Only

+ Rental Equipment Fees

Dropbox File Delivery

Promotional Video
Informational Video


Rental equipment such as camera bodies, lenses, etc. are used to supplement equipment we already have. It can also add a unique element to a video, like a Steadicam or aerial drone shot. We only rent from reputable dealers with a history of on-time fulfillment.

Licensing, including music, stock photos, and videos, can range from $25-$200 depending on the way the end product will be used. It is illegal to use copyrighted works without a license. There are “free” solutions like using works licensed under Creative Commons but these often take time to hunt down or approve with the content creator. It’s usually better to just pay for a license than spend hours looking for a free option.

If rental equipment or music/image licensing are required for a project, we’ll let you know how much cost it will add to the project before spending money. You have the right to decline the use of rentals or licensing in your project, but we usually advise against it. It’s better to have the right equipment or music/image for a video than to waste time with a work-around. Licensing is necessary to stay on the right side of copyright laws and regulations, avoid lawsuits, etc.

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Non-Profit Discounts

Discounts available for non-profit organizations.

UAV Imaging

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Keep the raw footage from your shoot.